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Getting to understand the connection between your brand and your customers is one of our core capabilities. This insight - combined with research, industry knowledge and creativity - form the basis for formulating strategies to go to market with your brand, the blueprints for optimising awareness, driving sales, improving market share and growing brand loyalty.

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We are uniquely equipped to turn the vision, missionand overall deliverables of your marketing campaign into reality through ourtechnical infrastructure and specialist human resources, including - amongstmany others - graphic design, content and website development, mobileapplication design and the creation of AV content. Our production crew, gearand studios make content production affordable and integrated.

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Media & Events

South Africa’s media landscape is complex and nuanced because of the multi-layered content consumption patterns born from our cultural diversity and wealth of languages. Our media planners are expert navigators of this landscape. Similarly, our event management team excels in bringing brand activations to audiences in a manner and format that best suit their language preferences and ethnographic profile.

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Social & Digital

Digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, e-mail and mobile apps form an integral part of connecting your brand to today’s hyper-connected audiences. We are proud of our capability to engage customers in this digital landscape, one of the key avenues to build awareness for your brand, establish it as an industry thought leader, and place it at the forefront when customers are ready to buy.

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As a long-term practitioner in the marketing field, we have first-hand knowledge of a host of leading event properties – both new and established –that could help your brand achieve multiple marketing goals at once. Perfectly suited sponsorships can assist your business to strengthen its credibility, improve its public image, and build prestige amongst target audiences.

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Bringing clients’ projects to life across above- and below-the-line platforms, our creative team’s wide range of abilities covers everything from designing the user experience of a website to crafting the visual concept or style of brochures, advertorials, radio and television advertisements, digital banners and social media posts.



Marketing support from 15 September to 6 November 2021 : Optimising brand awareness, driving ticket sales, and supporting the livestream of the event through public relations, media management and liaison, social media traffic management, digital advertising, and content development for both social media, video and livestream broadcast formats.



Ongoing video production plus social media and digital content development support. A series for Supersport will be launched November 2021.



Ongoing digital marketing strategy implementation and social media traffic management with a strong focus on health and wellness target audiences.

Soapbox Marketing keeps on impressing us with their ability to understand what our customers expect to find on their online journeys. This insight, together with their proactive advice on how to help simplify customers’ online decision-making processes, make them uniquely qualified to strategise and implement our store’s marketing campaigns.  

Fred Gropp, General Manager

We presented and livestreamed BOXOP’s inaugural celebrity boxing match between Francois Van Coke and Francois Hougaard to a global audience on Saturday, 29 May 2021 from Pretoria. The intense media attention and wall-to-wall target audience interaction on social media platforms in the run-up to the event, plus the blanket coverage afterwards, would not have been achieved without Soapbox Marketing’s public relations expertise.

Audri Joao, General Manager

Blue Banana Events

Soapbox Marketing helped me to launchmy brand during an economic crisis caused by ‘lockdown’. Through brandpositioning, website development and finely targeted advertising, I now have trafficgoing through my studios and a client list growing stronger by the day,including Kaya FM, Spar Restaurants, Khuli Chana and Universal Studios. Thankyou so much. You guys absolutely rock!!"

Sharif Baker, CEO -

IMMIX Studios

Soapbox Marketing’s layout, designand production services; together with their patience to helping me understandthings like search engine optimisation, optimal website functioning, socialmedia advertising and mobile app utilisation;

Anton Martin, CEO -

DCM Wildstone Security

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